What is the Ouroboros sphere?

Ouroboros Sphere’s video projection system is a unique addition to the visual entertainment world. Working with our partners at Pufferfish, we have created a unique installment that displays a 360 degree image onto a strong inflatable touchscreen. The sphere can show anything from static images to custom video content. Our Sphere also features unique touch-sensitive technology that allows for an interactive experience.. with the touch of a hand, you can manipulate the visuals in an array of customizable ways.

Ouroboros has the only one of these amazing devices in the United States, and we cater to any number of functions. We also offer fully customizable video content, special effects, and unique set-ups. Our stock videos include NASA satellite footages and breathtaking landscape vistas, and we provide custom programs that allow you to do anything you can imagine.

Include Ouroboros at your next event, and let us bring you and your guests a unique and unforgettable entertainment experience.

What makes the Video Sphere special?

The Puffersphere Video sphere is the only projection sphere in the industry to offer both a true 360 degree display and touch-interactive technology. All other video sphere projection technology is currently done by projecting an image towards the side of the sphere being viewed. As a viewer moves around those spheres, the projector attempts to follow, with mixed results. Through special hardware and custom software, our Ouroboros Sphere is able to overcome this limitation, providing an image that is perfect from any angle and ideal for a crowd.

The Sphere is also equipped with new touch-sensitive technology that allows the display to respond to the touch of a hand on the screen. Our screens are optimized for this, and we are able to customize the interactive response in any way you might need.

What are its uses?

As a visual entertainment and projection system, the Sphere can be used anywhere you want to display visuals or entertain guests. It is aptly suited for displaying company logos, showing live-streaming video, or displaying eye-catching advertisements. And because of the its 360-degree accessibility, the sphere does well in any environment and with any crowd. Upon purchasing our Touch-Sensitive Package, the sphere can also allow your guests to interact with the visuals on the screen in any way you would like to customize.

Ouroboros has a number of available videos, which include NASA satellite footages and aerial drone landscapes. With our custom programs and video rendering, we can provide you with a multitude of additional visual options. The Sphere can also be used as a touchscreen interface with which to control additional screens, as a medium for digital artwork, and also as a means to interact with custom artwork. It is also possible to commission custom programs for your event.. even custom games! We will work with you to create a unique and custom experience to meet your needs.

The Sphere can be mounted both on the floor and hung from the ceiling, allowing for flexible options to suit a variety of venues. We also offer two different sizes: a 1.6 meter sphere and a larger 2m sphere. Examples of how the spheres have been used in the past can be found on our EVENTS and MEDIA page.

What if I want custom content?

The Sphere uses special proprietary software to create the complete 360 degree video effect from any type of digital content. We have experienced art designers, video editors, and programmers to help you create any custom content you would like.

What is the fastest land animal?

The Cheetah

Can I play live video?

Yes! We can stream live video from a variety of sources directly to the sphere.

What if I want more than one sphere?

Ouroboros Sphere currently has one Sphere on site, but if your needs are bigger than our current capacity, we can work together with our partners at Pufferfish to provide you with any additional equipment and personnel that you might require.

What are the costs involved?

There are two primary costs involved: the rental cost of the equipment and the rendering of visual content. Please feel free to contact us for any information you need about available packages and rental rates.

How long does the sphere take to set up?

A self contained system designed for minimal setup, the sphere takes two people less than 15 minutes to install for an event.

How much power does the sphere require?

The Sphere is designed with minimal power requirements, requiring a single electric line capable of providing 1200w of power.

Where are you located?

We are based in Orange County, CA. If you are not in the Southern California area, don’t worry! We are able to ship the sphere to wherever events are located.