You will find that this product is quite unique in the United States. The 360 Video Projection Sphere was developed by the brilliant team at PufferFish Displays in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Sphere has been used in museum installations, concerts, and corporate events, as well as many artistic events across Europe... The team has even done an installation for NASA here in the US.

The combination of specialized equipment - including a lens developed for military flight simulators - and proprietary software gives the Video Sphere several unique abilities. First, it can produce a stunning 360-degree image unlike that of any other sphere projection system. Secondly, the Sphere is now TOUCH SENSITIVE thanks to Pufferfish's most recent technological developments. This allows participants to touch the screen and interact with the Sphere directly. The Sphere can be used for purposes that range from simple projection all the way to advanced custom programs for your guests to enjoy. It can host games and other types of interactive visuals, logos and video montages, and live video... These are all just the beginning of what the Sphere can do, thanks to this unique innovative system.

I'm sure you will find, as many have already, that our one-of-a-kind Sphere can be the centerpiece of many of your upcoming plans.

Please have a look through our EVENTS and MEDIA pages to see our Video Sphere in action. Please contact us with any questions you might have. We look forward to working with you.